Review: ScooterSkirt

  • Keeps you dry and warm
  • Isn’t heavy, easy to get on and off
  • Lightweight, easy to carry


  • A little expensive
  • Doesn’t cover your butt.
I love how warm this keeps me at night
Michelle, Member - SFSG

There is nothing quite like having a ScooterSkirt. It’s usually used for keeping your lap and legs dry in the rain, but I also use it for keeping me very toasty while riding in cold weather. Some of the SFSG’s get off their scoots, and just walk around with their skirts on, since they’re so toasty! They’re made with Gortex, have some quilting on the inside, and has a pocket on the side for goodies. It’s cut to the shape of your legs tucked, riding your scoot, so there’s not a bunch extra flying around. This makes this skirt unique. It has a great clip to attach at the back. you put this on UNDERNEATH your jacket, so the rain doesn’t trickle into your pants! It comes with velcro stickers to attach the ends of the skirt to your scoot. Most people I know don’t use these. I’ve seen people wrap the sides behind them using bungie cords. The sides aren’t really a problem unless you’re riding on the freeway, when they flap around. This skirt is a must-have for many scooterists I know, boys and girls!


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