Actual Club Membership is earned through a process that begins with spending some time with us and getting to know the current members.  It entails a more substantial commitment to the club and its various functions.  Membership in the club provides a place for women who have mastered the basics of safe riding and have the common interest of scootering to come together in order to socialize with and ride with one another, to be more involved with the local scooter scene, to plan and staff events including: our annual toy drive; holiday party; anniversary party; rallies; group rides; the events of other scooter clubs; education days, etc.  Once you’ve taken some time to get to know us, if you are interested in becoming a member, please talk to us.  You can speak to our membership/education officer or any member you feel comfortable approaching to learn about the process.




Social Officer

  • Member since: 2005
  • Riding since: Off and on since 1998
  • Bikes: P125x, Triumph Bonneville
  • Favorite ride or rally: The one that gets me where I am going safely
  • Interesting factoids: Got married in the Castro movie theatre

Rides & Rallies Officer

  • Member since: 2013
  • Riding since: 2012
  • Bikes: 2012 Genuine Buddy 170i
  • Favorite ride or rally: Bear Creek Road and Moto Classico
  • Interesting factoids: I love the karaoke game SingStar!

Marketing Officer

  • Member since: 2004, founding member
  • Riding since:  2004
  • Bike: 2012 Vespa GTv in Espresso
  • Riding gear you can’t do without: Shark Evoline Helmet!
  • Favorite ride or rally: Mods vs Rockers
  • Does your bike have a name: Brown Sugar
  • What attracted you to scooting:Riding on the back of a motorcycle.
    Wanted to go fast, but not that fast!
  • Personal Kryptonite: Ice cold Stella
  • Interesting factoids: Met other original SFSG’s while they were riding in the Big Wet One!


  • Member Since: 2007
  • Riding since: 2007
  • Bikes: 2012 Buddy 170i, 2010 Vespa GTS 300, 1979 Vespa P200, 2013 Honda CB 500 F
  • Favorite ride or rally:  Out of the City Classic
  • Bike you covet: For looks alone, the 2004 1800cc Honda Valkyrie Rune
  • First Scooter Experience: Barry Gwin’s Back Alley
  • What attracted you to scooting: They made me smile and I’ve never looked back.
  • Personal Kryptonite: Whiskey, Chocolate, Doughnuts, Whiskey, Cake, Cookies, and Whiskey

Finance and Secretary at Arms

  • Member Since: 2006
  • Riding since: 2000
  • Bikes: 2002 Bajaj Chetak and a 2014 BMW C650GT
  • Riding gear you can’t do without: Love my my Corazzo hoodie, keeps me so warm, and I tuck the hood up into the base of my helmet to keep out the cold.
  • Favorite ride or rally:  Ours of course! I also love the Burgundy Topz Scootouring rally. Amazing roads, camping, beer bungie, and a great group of blokes.
  • Bike I covet: My new scoot!!
  • What Attracted me to Scooting: Must be in my blood, my mum had a scooter back in her college days 🙂
  • Interesting Factoid: I’m Australian, and I drive an artcar.

Membership & Education

  • Member since: 2013
  • Riding since:  2009
  • Bike: Red Vespa 300 Super
  • Riding gear you can’t do without: Vintage Leather Jacket
  • Favorite ride or rally: Mods vs Rockers,
  • Favorite movie with a scooter in it:  Ben Hur. They road a scoot during the breaks
  • Does your bike have a name: Juliette
  • First Scooter Experience: Riding in Hawaii
  • What attracted you to scooting: Seeing groups of scoots riding through North Beach
  • Personal Kryptonite: An excellent cup of espresso & ice cream
  • Any interesting factoids: Put a squirrel in my “no pets” seat bucket on the way to the vet after he was hit by a truck.


  • Member since: 2005
  • Riding since: 2004
  • Bikes: Vespa LX 150
  • Riding gear you can’t do without: Shoei RF 1100 full-face helmet that fits under the seat
  • Favorite ride or rally: Any city ride led by Mark of Secret Society
  • Favorite movie with a scooter in it: The Bourne Ultimatum chase scene
  • Does your bike have a name: Orange Gino
  • Bike you covet: Scooters under 250cc, custom-painted in a color like Pantone “radiant orchid.”
  • First Scooter Experience: Renting a 50cc scooter in Victoria, B.C. in 2004
  • What attracted you to scooting: Parking just about anywhere, waaaay more fun than taking Muni or BART, more affordable than a car…


  • Member Since: 2011
  • Riding since: 2006
  • Bikes: Vespa GTS 250
  • Riding gear you can’t do without: Gloves. My hands are always cold!
  • Favorite ride or rally: SFSG Halloween ride
  • Does your bike have a name:Audrey
  • Bike I covet: My bike is just about perfect, but every once in a while I covet a 300. And there was that custom copper scooter from Santa Rosa…
  • First Scooter Experience: My first scooter was a Bajaj Cheetak. It was adorable, but the shifting was new to me and I didn’t want to deal.
  • What Attracted me to Scooting: Lane splitting and finding easy parking while looking super cute and using almost no gas? What’s not to love?
  • Personal Kryptonite:Etsy.com – It’ll hit a bad day better than wine.


  • Member Since: 2006
  • Bikes: 2007 Vespa GTV, 2012 Buddy 170i, 1972 Vespa Rally
  • How long have you been riding: started on motorcycles in the early 80’s moved up to scooters in 2005
  • Favorite rally: Rage, then Classic
  • Favorite ride/route: North to Guernville/Bodega
  • Interesting factoids: I collect unusual pocket knives, antique guns and rifles, and Swiss race watches


  • Member Since: 2006
  • Riding since: 1993
  • Bikes: GT 200, ET 190 (kitted)
  • Bike name you are willing to share: Sophie


  • Member Since: 2006
  • Riding Since: 2004 as a driver but since 1982 as a passenger.
  • Bikes: 1975 Vespa Primavera ET3 and 2001 Vespa ET4
  • Riding gear you can’t do without: full faced helmet & armored jacket
  • Favorite ride or rally: SF Classic & Head to the Hills
  • Does your bike have a name: The ET4 is Bambi
  • Personal Kryptonite: musicians


  • Member Since: 2004 (possibly 2003)
  • Bikes: 1973 Vespa Primavera, tangerine colored
  • What is your daily rider: same, my Primavera
  • Riding since: 1999
  • Favorite rally: The original King’s Classic
  • Favorite ride/route: Cruizing through the hills of Chinatown & North Beach


  • Member Since: 2006
  • Bikes: Vespa 150
  • Daily rider: 1976 Vespa 150 Super black
  • Riding since: 2005
  • Favorite rally: Classic or Rage, its a toss up
  • Favorite ride: love em all


  • Member Since: 2009
  • Riding Since: 2008
  • Bikes: Genuine Buddy Italia
  • Riding gear you can’t do without: Full face helmet, armored jacket, gloves, scooter skirt (in cold weather)
  • Favorite ride or rally: SFSG “Save the Drama for your Mama” all girls camping
  • Does your bike have a name: Bud
  • What attracted you to scooting?: Fun, Style, Culture, Low gas mileage, Easy parking.
  • Personal Kryptonite: Social Media


  • Member Since: 2004
  • Bikes: Bajaj Chetak, Vespa 100 Sport, Honda Passport
  • Daily rider: White ’04 Bajaj Chetak
  • Riding since: 2005 (approximately)
  • Favorite rally: So Far So Good (of course!) followed by Scooter Rage
  • Favorite ride/route: I love riding around SF, on weekend days, early in the morning before all the cars are out. It’s magical.


  • Member Since: 2010
  • Bikes: 2007 Buddy 150 , + Yamaha VStar 650 Custom
  • Daily rider: 2007 Buddy 150
  • Riding since: 1998
  • Favorite Ride: Through Golden Gate Park on a clear night!
  • Interesting Factoid: Computer Geek


  • Member Since: 2009
  • Bikes: Vespa GTV 250
  • Daily rider: 2007 Vespa GTV 250; Aviator Gray
  • Riding since: 2007
  • Favorite rally: So Far So Good Rally #3!
  • Favorite ride:: The ride down to Scoot to the Moon!


  • Member Since: 2004 (the very beginning)
  • Riding since: 2002
  • Bikes: I own a 2002 Vespa ET4, Malossi kitted
  • Riding Gear you can’t do without: I have a favorite pair of leather gloves
  • Favorite ride or rally: I love rides that cross into Marin county, as far as rallies…too hard to choose!
  • Favorite movie with a scooter in it: Run Lola Run
  • Does your bike have a name: sweet pea

About the SFSG


We are an all girls scooter club based in San Francisco. We started in 2004, and are going strong, 10 years later. We hope to see you at one of our events, rides, or come with us to a rally. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!