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NoemiHave you ever seen someone score their first Major League Baseball home run  It’s usually some young guy who is biting the inside of his cheek to keep from bursting out into a giant* grin because there’s pressure to appear cool… to look like you’ve been there before. Now, it might not be polite to skip and cartwheel around the bases, but c’mon: it’s your first home run! You shouldn’t have to hide that you’re happy.

I’ve seen some runway fashion models who smile more than folks riding motorcycles. Sure, sometimes those motorcyclists had a craptastic day. And sure, when they’re negotiating a twisty road on a sunny afternoon and have a dark visor, they might smile a bit.  But isn’t riding two wheels usually fun? Even going to work I can’t help but beam** when I’m scooting.

I honestly think there’s more pressure on motorcyclists to appear tough and cool than there is for those of us who scooter. Lots of people sense that motorcycling is superior to scootering. When I do the two-wheeler-wave to someone on a motorcycle, there’s about a 50% chance they’ll acknowledge it, and only about a 10% chance they’ll initiate it.

Does motorcycling take more skill than riding a modern scooter? Yeah, in the same way a manual transmission car takes more skill than an automatic. But you know what scooters seem to have over MCs? The ability to be silly.

noemiScooterBunnywithAlcatrazWould I put bunny ears on a motorcycle? Probably not. One thing I like about scootering, and the groups I scooter with, is a common understanding that not only is this fun, but you don’t have to hide how happy you are to be doing something fun. And when I notice kids on the sidewalk and drivers smiling at me, I not only feel happier, I also feel safer.

Whether silly or serious, may your next ride be fun, and may you share your joy with all of those around you.

~ Noemi

*Go Giants!

**There’s a reason my nickname is crayonbeam

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