Review: The Gear I Wear by Noemi
I’m going to start from the bottom up. For a long time I looked for motorcycle boots that were cute but protective, and not too blinged out. I haven’t given up on finding them, but the search was disheartening enough that I’ve stopped looking for a while. I have two pairs of Ariat roper style
San Francisco Scooter Centre Featured on American Pickers
Barry Gwin, our friend and owner of the San Francisco Scooter Centre,  was featured this week on the History Channel’s American Pickers! Click here to see Barry’s 15 minutes of fame!          
Scooting by Erin
My name is Erin and I’m a San Francisco Scooter Girl. I started riding in 2007 and never turned back. It’s an ingrained way of life now. I ride in the rain, I ride in the wind, I ride on the freeway, or way the heck out in the middle of nowhere on roads as
Happy Valentines Day from our friends at San Francisco Scooter Centre!
Facebook Post 2/14/13 by our good friends the San Francisco Scooter Centre~!
Lane-Splitting by Erin
A report that came out on this a while back stated that California had fewer deaths per registered bike than any other state in the union. I believe we have more fatalities when you look at just the numbers, but when you look at the fact that we have so many more riders our average
Lauren Gets Help from CC Rider and SF Scooter Centre
Photo of Gino and Sylvia being towed to the San Francisco Scooter Centre at the same time.  Thanks for the 50% discount off the tow fee for scooter #2, CC Rider Motorcycle Tow – (415) 334-8697 ! —Lauren Harp                

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We are an all girls scooter club based in San Francisco. We started in 2004, and are going strong, 10 years later. We hope to see you at one of our events, rides, or come with us to a rally. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!